Stomach (Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🌹🌹STOMACH Treatment🌹🌹
✅Over eating
❇Empty belly bath
❇Chemical foods
✅Cold water
❇Cold drink
❇Chicken Foods
❇Hotel food
✅Hot food
❇Eat more eggs
✅Old Refrigerator) meat
✅Dry meat with salt
✴Pain or tenderness when you press your stomach area (abdomen)
✴burning sensation or discomfort in your upper abdomen or lower chest, ✴sometimes relieved by food or antacids
✴An early feeling of fullness when eating
🔵Those things that strengthen the Stomach
☀Rice bread
☀Inner membrane of pomegranates
🌟Cow milk
☀Salt after meal
☀Water of rain(آب نسیان)
✴Lemon Bolm tea
✴Gjnger tea
🛑Things that clean the Stomach
🔆Boiling hot water
🔵Stomach Ulcer
🔶Ginger tea
⬛Tib e Ahlebait a.s medicin
✴Mark 01
✴Mark 02
✴Markb 03
🔷Honey+black seeds
Imam Jafir Sadiq a.s said
Hot water clean the stomach and liver
📚 Al Musbaha p835
Imam Ali a.s said
Eat Quience clean the stomach 📕Bahar
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