Ali a.s tea and its benefits

⭕Tea of Imam Ali a.s⭕
We also calls it the tea of Imam(a.s).
English:Lemon Balm
Scientific : Melissa officinalis
Family: Lamiaceae
🔶It was most liked by Mola Ali a.s
🔶Its Temperament is hot and some person it may increase blood pressure
✅It is very comfortable.
❇It is best for a person who cannot sleep(sleeplessness)
❇It provides strength and stablity to the heart ‘muscles’ and the brain cells
✅ Sound coming through ear is also treated by it.
✅It makes a man easy to sleep,it prevents from the diseases of kidney, prevent (save) from nightmares,
dibates mellitus(sugar ), thyroid,skin diseases,
stomach disorders, vomiting during the state of pregnancy,pain in joints(ashes),breathing,joint pain,headache, problem all are cured by
It also increase the memory and it is a complete treatment of many other diseases
🔵How to make tea?
Take a tea pot(pot that you used to make a tea. ) . Put( pour) a spoon of lemon Balm into it , than boil it for fifteen minutes..close the pot with cover …. to make it sweet put some
Honey or brown sugar or mosli into it for tasty
🍵Tib e Ahlebait a.s🍵
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