Cancer treatment with Tib e Ahlebait a.s

🛑Cancer Treatment🛑
❇Sana e makki
❇Daro e Muhmmad sw
❇Royal Jelly
❇Fruit Thrope
❇Apple seeds
✅Turbt e Imam Hussain a.s
❇Saaf Kunanda khoon
❇Aml e Imam Jafir Sadiq a.s🔷Reflexology✴Anti Cancer
Good for cancer patient and prevention from cancer
✴Olive or olive oil(Not cooking long time )
🈸pursalne vegetable
✴lamb meat
✴brown suger
✴Lemon Gross
✴Black seed(kulanji)
🚫Who increase Cancer
♒Black tea❌
⚛Negative thinking❌
♒mineral water(Chlorine)❌
♒Tooth paste(Fluoride)❌
♒Sleeping tablets❌
♒Many drug❌
♒White suger❌
♒sexual relationship❌
⛔If any doubt vist the biggest web of the world suger’Mineral water;fluoride;black tea increase cancer)🔶طب اہل بیت ع🔷
❇ایلیا یونیورسٹی❇
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