Diabetes cure with Tib e Ahlebait a.s

🔵Diabetes Treatment🔶Bitter Almonds 02 piece in mornig
☑purlsane, Common purslane Vegetable
☑ Fenugreek seeds
☑Sawiqs lentils
Sawiqs e Barley
☑Hot water
☑Squash water
☑Chicory leaf+walnut leaf mix it and eat two spoon at night
☑Raw onions
☑Brinjal sticks boiling for twenty minutes and drink this water
☑Ginger Tea
☑Nettle tea
☑Green tea
☑Sea salt before and after meal
☑Olive leaf
☑Camel milk
☑Olive oil
☑Milk Thistlle
☑Bitter melon
☑Hondanah Abu Jahl
☑Plantago ovat
☑Urtica dioica
☑ Valeriana officinalis
☑Teucriun polium
☑ Convolvulus
☑Garlic+Onions after ☑boiling
☑Emblic after boiling
☑Black seeds
_🔶DR. TONY ALMEIDA🔷 Diabetes best tratment without medicin
1 ❗Wheat 100 gm*
2 ❗Barley 100 gm*
3 ❗Black Seeds (kolunji) 100 gm*
Kolunji is *karunjeeraham* in tamil
_🔴*Method of Preparation :*_
Put all the above ingredients in *5 cups of water*.
*Boil it for 10 minute* and put off the fire.
*Allow it to cool down by itself*.
When it has become cold, *filter* out the
seeds *and preserve water in a glass jug or bottle* .
🔴How to use it?*_
Take *one small cup of this water every day early morning when your stomach is empty*.
Continue this *for 7 days*.
*Next week repeat the same but on alternate days*. With these 2 weeks of
treatment *you will wonder to see that you have become normal* and can eat
normal food without problem*
🔷Medicin of Tib e Ahlebait as🔶
01: Mark e chaar
2:Uds ul mulk
Use Brown flour
Drinkg hot water
Use Vingar
Walking every moring for 30 minutes before sun rising
🔸Sleeping on time (early at night and waking up early morning) is a vaccination against diseases as well as having breakfast before sunrise.
Cold water❌
Fat, Grease, Tallow❌
Over eating❌
White flour❌
Ice cream❌
Cold water❌
Marketplace food❌
🔶Tib e Ahlebait a.s🔷
❇Alia University❇