Overeating side effect(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

1✴Bad smell from body
2✴ Not brightness of face
3.✴ Not understanding Islam
4✴ Getting away from God
5 ✴Be in sinned
6✴ Rebellion of God
7 ✴Abusive
8 ✴Diseases of the skin, especially Lak and Pace
9 ✴Root of all diseases
10✴ Neck sweats
11✴ Obesity
12✴ Forgetting God
13 ✴High hunger on the Day of Judgment
14✴ Neglecting prayer and mentioning
15✴ Laziness
16✴ Prayer without heart
17✴ Abdominal pain
18✴ Corruption and destruction of the object
19th✴ Pathogenic
20✴ Atrocity of the heart (dry eye tears)
21✴ profusion
22✴ The worst defects
23✴ Corruption and self-harm
24✴ Silence of light
25✴ Darkening of the heart (resulting in a variety of mental illnesses, such as jealousy, oddity, arrogance, grudge, etc.)
26✴ Doing light and ugly tasks
27✴ Wickedness and wisdom
28✴ Overcast and hardening of life
29✴ Committing secrets and abuses
30✴ Caused by a variety of diseases
31✴ Sleep bad
32 Anorexia
33✴ Food not digested
34✴ Foolish
35✴ Subjective
36✴ Memory weakness
37✴ Heavy and tedious tone
38✴ Do not wake up for night prayers
39✴ Devil’s superiority over man
40✴ Loose and lethargic object
41✴ Hatred of Ehsan and Chivalry
Al-Afay, Mustardak al-Wasel, Bahar al-Anwar, Al-Faqih, Al-Shi’a
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