Poisoning (Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

⭕Snake bite
⭕Drink poisoning
⭕Scorpion bite
General treatment of poisoning
👉The first essential task in dealing with someone who is poisoned is to prevent poison absorption:
👉 If someone poisoned or poisoned food should vomit in any way so that it does not enter the body.
🔸 Contraceptive medications such as the combination (a hot rose water+ one glass hot water+ 2 tablespoons of sea salt) gave the patient the stomach and liver to cleanse the cause of poisoning.
👉In the case of Snake bite. Cut this place with a blade
Take the blood in the place where the snake bite
👉Patient did not drink water for two hours
🔸Apply the salt for affected place
🔸Stop the Physical activity
🔸Do not lie down
🔸 Eat every 6 hours one glass of thyme with honey.
🔸 milk with a mixture of rose water and honey to clean and recycle the body’s lost power.
🛑General treatment of poisoning
♦ Eating dates (Ejwa)
♦Swaiq Apple
♦Rub the sea salt on the affected area
Or mixing sea salt with water and recite surah al-Khamid +Sura Naas+Sura Falq and drink it water and then rubbing the salt over the place (in the scorpion bite)
🔵Treatment of Tib e Ahlebait a.s
Ferula assa-foetida
♦Shafia+brinjal seed
♦Mwdicin of Muhmmad saww
♦Wild cabbage leaves)
📿Recite Sura Barooj on water and drink it
📿Recite Sura Naziaait
🔶طب اہل بیت ع🔷
❇ایلیا یونیورسٹی