Sawiqs Senjed(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🌹Sawiqs Senjed🌹
♦Full of calcium
♦Strengthens the bones,
♦Increases milk in mothers
♦Helps growth of bones in children.
♦Good for kidney
♦Strength the child bones during pragnancy
♦Stop the bleeding from nose
♦Complets Vitamin D deficiency
♦Increases the height
♦Meats the bones
✴Imam Al Sadeq (a.s.) said, “Sawiq is a food descended from the heaven”, “Sawiq is the food of the Prophets, taught to Humans through Jibrail” and “Sawiq grows flesh in the body and strengthens the bones”
Senjed or Russian Olive is a great fruit in the nature.
✴Imam sadiq said:
The meat of this fruit grows (human’s) meat, its seed grows the bones and its skin grows the skin. It makes the kidneys warm, cleans the tummy, prevents from prostate diseases and Hemorrhoid , strengthens the leg bones and dries up the leprosy in the body.
📚 Al-Kafi, Vol 6 page 261
🔹✴Tib e Ahlebait as
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