Talbina(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

♦Good for heart
♦Remove depression and stress
♦Good for caner patient
♦Brightness of skin
♦Good for dibates patient
♦ Prevents bone disorders,
♦Beneficial in Anaemia, ♦Lawers Cholestero, ♦Prevents Asthma,
♦ Tonic Cleanser,
♦Aids Digestion,
♦Healthy Hair,
♦Improves Skin,
♦Improves Immunity,
♦Rids Kidney & Gall Ston
🔶Imam Jafir Sadiq a.s said Talbeena gives rest to the patient’s heart; remove stress and brightness of skin.
📚Al Kafi vol 06 p320
Nabi saww said : “the talbina relieves the patient’s heart and dispenses it some of their sadness
(talbina) relieves the heart of pain and clean the diseased heart as well as what cleans the dirt from your face with water
📚Tib e Nabvi saww