Asmad surma(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🌹Asmad (اثمد)Suram🌹

Scientific benefits of it:

♦ It kills germs, parasites.
♦ It cleans the vision & protects the eyes.
♦Helps grow eye lashes.
♦Helps in ring worm, baldness etc
♦ Treatment of cataracts
♦Treatment of hair loss
♦Treatment of eyelash loss
♦ Treating stop the water from the eyes
♦Help staying up at night
♦ Strengthen the vision
♦Strengthen the eyelashes
♦Remove balghum
❇Nabi (s.a.w) said, three things increases the ability of vision, using Ismad khol, watching green and watching beautiful face.

❇Imam Baqir (a.s) said, Ismad khol produces good smell and makes eyelids strong.

❇Imam Sadiq (a.s) said, Ismad khol increases the vision, regrows fallen hairs, Stops the water falling from eyes, sharpens the eyesight, makes mouth water tasty and help people to do long prostration.
❇Prophet (s.a.w) said, Ismad khol is best khol,because it increases the vision, regrows fallen hairs and removes the pollution/impurities from eyes.
❇Rasool saww use to apply Asmad(اثمد) surma 04 time in right eye and three time in left eye. Use to start with right eye and use to end left eye
Asmad kills germs ;parasites;
It cleans the visions&protects the eyes
Helps grow eye lashes
Helps in ring worm and baldness
🌸Apply surma at night and start from right eye
How to treat weakness of the eyes:
🌷Antimony – (Athmad اثمد)
Antimony is the rocks that the black kuhl is manufactured from. It is inexpensive and is not the expensive, synthetically made material bought in cosmetic stores. Commonly used as a beauty product, narrations have emphasised its medical importance in some eye diseases and weakness of the eyesight.
🌹“The best of your kuhl is antimony, it strengthens eyesight and cultivates hair.”
The Prophet SAWW (Awali Al Laa’ly 1:168 H181)

🌹The benefits of the use of kuhl application with antimony as found in narrations are listed below:

🌹1. Protection from glaucoma (Al Kafi 6:494 H9)
2. Relieves eye pain (Da’aaim Al Isalm 2:146 H517)
3. Purifies the eye
4. Strengthens the eyes (Al Kafi 6:494 H 7, Thawab Al Amaal 22, Awali Al Laa’ly 1:167 H181, Da’aaim Al Isalm 2:146 H517)
5. Helps make it easy to stay up late nights without the eye getting affected or redden. (Makarim Al Akhlaq 45).

🌹Sourced: Medicine of the Divinely Guided – Farsi -3:260-269 and Study of The Medicine of The Prophet Al-Mustafaﷺ – Arabic 3:331-342
🌹Tib e Ahlebait a.s🌷
🌷Alia University🌹
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