Tib e Ahlebait Head Office

I am very thankful to those who love and support me. With the supports of my viewers, I am able to send the message of Aima Ahlebait a.s. Tib-e-Ahlebait is based on Aima a.s authentic Ahadees in  which curing of all types of diseases are present except death. After long research on books, I am able to share knowledge about Tib-e-Ahlebait a.s with you. I have done my Tib and medical course from Alia university Holland. I utilise many resources like books and lectures of ayatullah Tibrizan and Allama Jan Ali Kazmi and other tib’s books for research.

Tib e Ahlebait Head Office in Islamabad Ghori Town Phase 4C.Contact number 03129009247

Tib e Ahlebait website ahlebaitstore.com

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