Benefit of Beetroot leaf(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

✴Imam Raza a.s said❗ beetroot leaves increases the wisdom and the amount of blood in the body.
✴Imam Sadiq a.s said❗ contains the cure of all diseases, increases the blood and strengthens the bones.
.✅ Calcium deficiency (especially during pregnancy)
❇Disposing of harmful genes and preventing genetic diseases.
.✅weakness of the body.
❇ Prevention of leprosy
✅ Cure and inflammation of the diaphragm
❇Bone strengthening and osteoporosis treatment
✅ brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, weakness of wisdom
❇clean the blood
✅PTS treatment, vitiligo, pesi and …
Note: If cooked with meat, like a vegetable soup with cow meat
❇relief pain
❇control the hotness of blood
✅strength the muscle
🚫Warning :
The root of the beetroot causes irritation and sodomy and is forbidden.
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