Black seed(Kalonji) benefits

🥦BLACK SEED (Kalonji)
🔶 Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “There is healing in the black seed for every disease except death❗
⏺How to cure disease with black seeds
❇🔹 coughing because of seasonal allergie

s ( hay fever):🔺Mix a tea spoon of black seed powder to one table spoon of pure olive oil and drink this mixture after dinner.
✅The natural replacement for aspirin is Black Seed.
✅You can chew maximum 21 pieces of this seed in a day.
✅That will do much more than aspirin and has no side effects.
Eating blackheads prevents tooth decay.
✅Black seed increases the amount of milk in lactating women.
✅ Black is Anti Inflammation.
✅Black seeds are basic. Each morning, one teaspoon should be eaten.
❇Black seed is use UTI
✅To remove the blister on the skin, mix the black seed with sesame oil and apply it.
✅ Seal the black seed and use to remove abscess.
❇ Put the black seeds off to cover the headache, on the part where it is sore.
✅ Black seed strengthens the body.
❇ To relieve the pain of rheumatism, put the black seed on the painful parts.
✅Use a black seed if the liver is enlarged.
❇Black seed is relief pain abdomen
✅The black seed will overcome nausea.
❇Black seed blood purifier
✅Constipation destroys.
❇Give granules to reinforce patients during recovery and women after childbirth.
✅ Heats the body of the body.
❇ Moisture eliminates the body.
✅Black seeds is anti-poison effect and, when poisoned, it is blackened.
❇Remove the cough.
✅ Eat black seeds currents to relieve the chest pain
❇ Treats breathing problems.
✅It is used to treat jaundice and sore spots.
❇For the brilliant color of the face, fry black seeds with oil and eat.
✅ To remove worms and parasites in the stomach and intestines, eat black seeds with vinegar.
❇If you have a respiratory infection, mix the black seeds with water and honey and eat.
✅ Eating black seeds with honey, kidney stones and bladder stones are crushed and repelled.
❇If you put about seven black seeds in the milk and after an hour, take it yellow in the person who has yellow and his eyes are yellowed.
✅ To brush off the toothache, pour black seeds like tea, then mix it and season it with vinegar, eliminating the pain.
❇If you have severe flu and cold, put it on the forehead in order to treat it.
✅To relieve postpartum pain, mix black seeds with honey and oil and give it a sick leave.
❇ Zacamoe is associated with a lot of sneezing. The black seed is healed. For the purpose of frying black beans and boil it a little, then take a few drops of it in the nose.
✅To increase sexual power, pour black seeds and frankincense in olive oil and leave it for a few days, then eat some of it daily.
❇Knead the black seeda and apply with soap, brightening the face.
✅ The black embroideries run out of insects.
❇ For healing, burn black seeds and burn them.
✅ Black seeds are anti cancer anti poision anti inflammation
✅Anti Wrinkles
Pregnant women should not take it because they may cause abortion❌
Do not smash the black seeds❌🔶طب اہل بیت ع🔷
❇ایلیا یونیورسٹی❇
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