INSOMNIA (Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🔹People who are overweight or overcome bile can not sleep at the beginning of the night, but sleep well in the morning. They should eliminate their anemia.
Factors that make you sleepless “Anxiety and worry, hunger, cold, nudity, thirst,headache also cause insomnia.
Insmnia can be due to many diseases.First treat the disease
🔶 Treatments
Hazrat Fatima (a.s) complained to the Prophet (s) for insomnia, and the Prophet said: ”
Before sleeping you read this dua
✅یَا مُشبِعَ البُطونِ الجائِعَةِ وَ یَا کَاسِیَ الجُنوبِ العَارِیةِ وَ یَا مُسَکِّنَ العُروقِ الضَّارِبَةِ وَ یَا مُنَوِّمَ العُیونِ السَّاهِرَةِ سَکِّن عُروقیَ الضَّاربَةَ وَ أدنِ لِعَینی نَوماً عَاجِلاً✅

⬅️ Recite Sura e Araaf verse 54,55,56
Vegetable and fruit
✳Beet leaves
🥬Kaoha salad
🍵Lemon Balm(Ali a.s tea)
🔴Medicin of Tib e Ahhlebait a.s
✳Qurs e Khoon+Karaat
✳Soda e bar(Depression)
✳Saaf Kunda(Blood contamination
🔶Tib e Ahlebait a.s🔷
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