Pomogrante Benefit in Tib e Ahlebaut a.s

✴Clean the blood
✴Remove Temptations
✴Increase memorry
✴Open the heart veins
✴Strengthens the heart
✴Increase the blood
✴Clean the tommy
✴Anti Cancer
✴Rub e anaar stop the vomiting
✴Anti germs
✴Strengthens the teeth
✴Clean the stomach
✴Finshed the mouth smell
✴Opens the language in children
✴Clean the skin
✴The Devil extends away
✴Remove stress and depression
✅Imam Jafir Sadiq a.s said❗
Each the pomegrante with its inner skin as it cleans the tommy and increases the intellectual ability📚Al Mahasen vol 2 page 356
❇Imam Ali a.s said give Pomegranate to your babies so that they will be able to speak earlier
❇ Imam Reza (a.s): Eating pomegranates increases the sperm in man and makes the child beautiful.
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