Respiratory diseases(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🌹Respiratory diseases
🌹(Astham Shortness of breath;Shortness of
breathChest tightness or
pain;Trouble sleepingTypes of shortness of breath
👉 The person has a shortness of breath while working which is caused by heart failure or coronary artery disease, or loosening of the heart mitral valve. If the cause of the mitral valve is loose, the patient’s lips become darker.👉Shortness of breath in sitting position: A person lying down or sitting in the air suffers from shortness of breath, which is caused by lung disease, called asthma.👉 Shortness of breath after eating: A person suffering from shortness of breath after a meal, especially after heavy meals and overeating, is a stomach ache. In the stomach ache, it produces gas in the stomach and pushes to the heart and six, and the person feels short of breath.👉 Shortness of breath while sleeping: A person feels in bed feeling something on his throat and suffering from shortness of breath, which is caused by the jinn (Infection)and is called “drooping
🛑Shortness of breathing caused by Heart
♦Baaz kunanda
♦Taqwit e qalb
♦Camel Camel urine
♦Meat cooking with milk
🔵Shortness of breathing caused by Lungs infection
🔹Honey with ginger
🔹Saffron tea
🔹Lemon balm(Ali a.s tea)
🔹Camel urine(03 days)
👉If phlegm use
🔹Daro Imam Sadiq a.s
🔹Shafia⚫Shortness of breathing caused by Stomach
⏺Sit back to the sun for fifteen minutes
⏺Markb do
⏺Sana e makki
🌀Shortness of brathing caused by Infection
✴Bakhoor e Marhim
✴Droop of rue with gjnger
✴Medicin of Mosa Kazim a.s
✴Jema with honey
Avoid overeating ❌
Avoid from dust ❌
Avoid from pollen❌
Avoid eating eggs❌
always warm the chest
QAvoid cold food❌
Eating hot food
Avoid fats diet❌
🚑All medicin of Tib e Ahlebait a.s are avaiable in Pakistan Whts up
✴Tib e Ahlebait a.s✴
📚Alia Universty 📚