Sinusitis Tib e Ahlebait a.s

🌹Sinusitis 🌹
☘A condition in which the cavities around the nasal passages become inflamed.

☘Acute sinusitis can be triggered by a cold or allergies and may resolve on its own. Chronic sinusitis lasts up to eight weeks and may be caused by an infection or growths.

🌸Sinusitis is a common inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, the cavities that produce the mucus necessary for the nasal passages to work effectively.

☘It can be acute or chronic, and it can be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergies, or even an autoimmune reaction.

☘Symptoms :

Common signs and symptoms of chronic sinusitis include:

◼Nasal inflammation ◼Thick, discolored discharge from the nose ◼Drainage down the back of the throat (postnasal drainage)Nasal obstruction or congestion, causing
◼difficulty breathing through your nose Pain, tenderness and swelling around your eyes,
◼cheeks, nose or forehead Reduced sense of smell and taste

Other signs and symptoms can include:

◼Ear pain
◼Aching in your upper jaw and teeth
◼Cough or throat clearing
◼Sore throat
◼Bad breath Fatigue

Causes :

🔹Severe flu and cold
🔹Eating cold nature foods
🔹Dust or coldness
🔹Respiratory tract
🔹Nasal polyps. These tissue growths can block the nasal passages or sinuses.
Deviated nasal septum. A crooked septum — the wall between the nostrils — may restrict or block sinus passages, making the symptoms of sinusitis worse.

Treatment :

♦Medicines of Tibb e Ahlebait,
♦Medicine Torefil
♦Jame imam Reza with ♦Marzanjush water
♦Banafsha oil made with sesame oil

♦Mix Banafsha oil made with olive oil with chicory powder and apply it on forehead.

💢Precautions :

Don’t bath with cold water, bath with warm water.
After bathing wash hands and feet with normal water.
After bathing cover the head with cloth before going out from bathroom.
Don’t eat cold nature foods but eat warm nature foods like walnut with ajwain.
Don’t eat oily/greasy foods.
Don’t go outside in smoke, pollution and dust and cover your nose with mask before going out.

🌹Tibb e Ahlebait🌹
☘Alia University ☘