Beneficial diseases(Tib e Ahlebait a.s)

🌹Beneficial diseases🌹
☘The speciality of Tibb e Islami is that, the diseases are divided into benifical and non beneficial

☘The benificial diseases or those which are beneficial for body and it is restricted to treat them, because if they are treated then they can make more serious disease.

🌹The prophet (s.a.w) said, don’t hate cold because it prevents leprosy .
📚Al Khisal, vol 1, page 21
🌹Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s) said, The prophet (s.a.w) was never treating the common cold and says every person have the vein of leprosy and if any person gets cold then it supresses the vein of leprosy.
📚Usool e Kafi, vol 8, page 382
🌹The prophet (s.a.w) said, that there is no any person who has no these two veins, one of them is present in brain and is responsible for leprosy and other vein which is present in body is responsible for baras, when the vein present in brain gets active the Allah (s.w.t) makes cold dominant on it so it get removed.
📚Usool e Kafi, vol 8, page 382

🌹The holy Prophet (s.a.w) said,
Cold is one of the soldier from Allah’s soldiers, Allah sends him towards disease so he can remove that disease.
📚Usool e Kafi, vol 8, page 382

🌹Cold is not beneficial for only leprosy but it protects from other diseases.
👉Not doing the treatment of cold means for three days you should not treat cold so the virus get removed out.
Because the cold is an disease and if it will stay for long time then it is dangerous, thats why treating common cold after 3 days is allowed.

2⃣ Pimples and acne
🌹Rasoolallah said don’t hate pimples because it protects from baras disease.
📚Al Khisal, vol 2, page 210
👉In this hadith the pimple which have pus and blood are

3⃣Pain of eyes :
🌹Don’t hate the pain of eyes because it prevents the blindness of eyes.
📚Al Khisal, vol 1, page 210

4⃣ Cough :
🌹The holy Prophet (s.a.w) said don’t hate cough because it prevents paralysis and brain stroke.
📚Al Khisal, vol 1, page 210
👉Excepting the above diseases all other diseases are non-beneficial and harmful,
But people of this era knows all diseases as harmful.
🌸Tib e Ahlebait a.s 🌹
🌹Alia University🌸

Beneficial diseases